Alternative Sentencing (Community Service)

The Alternative Sentencing Program keeps eligible and suitable (16 years and up) non-violent defendants who have been convicted or who have pled out criminal cases. They are referred to perform community service in lieu of jail, as a condition of a conditional discharge, or in lieu of a fine. This sentencing option allows defendants to remain employed and to preserve community ties. This provides positive community action and is a deterrent as powerful as incarceration.

Referral/Discharge Process

Referrals are made to the program by the Courts. The client is interviewed by the Program Coordinator and placed at an appropriate work site. There are over fifty work sites that are utilized through out the county. These work sites are non-profit agencies through out the county that have agreed to be a work site for the program.

The client’s hours are monitored through phone contact with the work site and through monthly progress reports. The client is given a completion date by the court or by the program. And this is all maintained in a database for the program.

A client is discharged from the program by successfully completing their hours, for failure to comply with program requirements, for medical reasons, or by order of the courts. A completion letter, failure to comply letter or a return to court for medical reasons letter will be sent to the appropriate judge. The District Attorney’s Office receives copies of return to court letters.

Hours, Location, Fees

The program operates Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is located at 17 E. Genesee Street 4th Floor. There is a thirty dollar processing fee to the consumer for this program.

Contact Person

For further information call the Alternative Sentencing Program Coordinator at 253-9795.