Certified Out-Patient Mental Health Clinic

CCS, Inc. operates a child, adult & family outpatient mental health clinic, certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health. Professionally trained staff provide confidential psychotherapy services to individuals, families, couples and groups.

Therapy approaches used include traditional psychotherapy, marital therapy, medication therapy, and child-centered play therapy for children. Also offered are evidence based practices such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Additional services include:

  • Multi Disciplinary Diagnostic Evaluation Team: assessment team to evaluate and make recommendations of youth with juvenile justice involvement
  • Article 31 clinic services are available to children and adults with intellectual disabilities and co-occuring disorders when appropriate
  • School Based Therapeutic Services: screening and comprehensive assessment for early identification of child’s mental health issues established in Cayuga County Elementary Schools
  • Specialized Parenting Support and Psycho-educational Groups
  • Other specialized child, adolescent and adult therapy and psycho-educational groups dependent upon the needs of the clients
  • RESPECT: a 26 week educational counseling program for domestic violence offenders
  • Internships for undergraduate, MSW and MFT students

Most health insurance, Medicare & Medicaid are accepted. A pay for service fee is established on a sliding scale.


The RESPECT Program, founded in 1995, is a counseling/educational program for domestic offenders offered by Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc. Participants are individuals who are court-mandated following a domestic offense, or who voluntarily identify themselves as having a problem with being physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive to their domestic partner.


  • To end abusive relationship patterns.
  • To handle feelings in a constructive manner.
  • To promote safety, equality and cooperation in relationships.


Education and group discussion is utilized to assist the individual in changing attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the problem. Participants will learn and practice respectful, non-violent ways to communicate needs and resolve conflict.

Program Requirements:

  1. Willingness to accept responsibility for your actions.
  2. Desire to practice non-violence in your relationship(s).
  3. Complete an assessment with one of the group facilitators.
  4. Make a commitment to stop any form of violence or abuse.
  5. Obey existing court orders.
  6. Complete 26 group sessions at Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc.


There is a $60 fee for the initial assessment. If admitted to the program, you will be charged a weekly fee of $25. Payment is expected each week. Note: Insurance and Medicaid are not accepted for RESPECT, as it is primarily an education program.

Program Procedures:

Admission to the program is on a continuous basis. Each group will be 1 1/2 hours in length. Regular attendance is required. Period reports and notification of completion will be made to the referral source. Contact CCS to make an appointment for an initial assessment.

Employee Assistance Programs

The Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc. Employee Assistance Program is a negotiated Mental Health service between this agency and individual businesses which can provide any and all of the following services:

  1. Assessment and referral services for employees and/or members of their immediate family.
  2. Orientation and training of supervisory personnel and employee groups as requested.
  3. Technical assistance in promoting the program and distributing EAP literature as requested.
  4. Consultation for supervisory personnel as needed.
  5. Completion of a written program evaluation.

Employees, who are referred to the Employee Assistance Program as a condition of employment, will be referred in writing, including a request for confirmation of attendance and a signed release from the employee.

Crisis Service Coverage Procedures for After Hours and Weekends

  1. When a client of Cayuga Counseling Services calls after hours or on weekends, they are first to be referred to the therapist on call.
  2. If the on-call therapist is not immediately available and the person cannot wait for a return call, the call will be given to the appropriate Clinical Program Coordinator.
  3. If the Clinical Program Coordinator is not available, then anyone on the on-call list may be contacted.
  4. If the person calling in is not a CCS client, they should be immediately referred to the on-call person and the successive steps outlined should be followed if the on-call person is not available.

Multi Disciplinary Diagnostic/Evaluation Team

Cayuga Counseling Services Diagnostic team utilizes a mobile multi-disciplinary evaluation team that provides home and school based clinical evaluations/assessments and treatment planning. The team is able to make community based linkages such as Functional Family Therapy, crisis and planned respite and an intensive community based supervision component. The team can make recommendations regarding appropriate level of care.


  • Conduct mental health evaluations on youth ages 7 to 15 from Cayuga County who have juvenile justice involvement or truancy behavior
  • Reduce the incidence of detention placement or out of home placements
  • Provide multidisciplinary evaluations, appropriate treatment plans and clear, concise intervention recommendations
  • Making linkages to SPOA, Respite, CCSI, Community Mental Health Clinic or other Community Based Programs as appropriate
  • Evaluation of youth aged 7 to 15 re-entering the community through aftercare programming
  • Maintaining youth in the community if possible by reducing the reliance on detention or hospitalizations as a means to acquire comprehensive evaluations


Youth ages 7 to 15 who have penetrated the juvenile justice system and have a history of truancy and/or high rates of suspensions. The youth cannot be determined to be at risk of harm to self or others at the time of referral.

Time Frame

The team aims to complete an evaluation in 30 days or less.


  • Probation Department
  • County Attorney’s Office
  • Family Court
  • Local Department of Health and Human Services
  • School Districts

Early Recognition Screening Program

Cayuga Counseling Services is pleased to offer voluntary emotional wellness screenings to Cayuga County youth ages 3-21.  Screenings are offered in partnership with school districts, colleges, Head Start programs and human service agencies.  individuals can also call the program coordinator to directly request a screening.  There is no cost for the program.

Screenings are also offered at community events and health fairs which promote early intervention and destigmatization of emotional, behavioral and mental health problems.

Confidential results of the screenings are mailed to parents, guardians and youth 18 and older.  Individuals with risk factors are outreached by the program coordinator and offered assistance in linkage to mental health assessment, treatment, parenting programs or other social services.

Our current program (as of January 2017) is an outgrowth of a 5 year grant funded by the NYS Office of Mental Health wherein we screen an average of 1,000 youth per year.  We are currently funded through the Cayuga County Department of Health and Human Services.

For more information contact:

Michael Galbally, Program Coordinator    315-253-9795 ext. 145

Claire Bobrycki, LCSW-R, Program Supervisor    315-253-9795 ext. 113


School Based Clinical Services

Beginning in 2007 Cayuga Counseling Services began establishing satellite offices in local school districts.  These satellite offices are fully licensed by the New york State Department of Mental Health and allow for the delivery of professional counseling services in a school setting.  The school based programs have aided in establishing optimal coordination of services with school staff on behalf of parents and children. Parents who do not prefer school based services may come to the main office for sessions.

Currently we staff sites at:

  • Genesee Elementary School
  • Casey Park Elementary School
  • Herman Avenue Elementary School
  • Seward Elementary School
  • Owasco Elementary School
  • Auburn Junior High School
  • Moravia School District
  • Port Byron School District

School based counseling includes assessment, diagnoses, treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders and problems and if needed, referral for psychiatric assessment and medication management.  Our therapists are masters level clinicians trained in child-centered, evidenced based practices.  Parental permission and involvement is required.  Treatment plans are individualized and length of treatment varies depending on the concerns.  Services are billable and we accept Medicaid and private insurance.

To request school based therapy, call the Main Office at Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc. at 315-253-9795 and specify what school your child attends.

 Mental Health Consultation

With a wealth of highly trained professionals, Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc. is in the position to offer specialized consultation services based on the needs of various organizations. Examples of these services include:

  • Critical Incident De-briefing: generally employed after a traumatic event which may affect the employees.
  • Clinical Externship: consultation and education of clinical staff by an experienced practitioner in such disciplines as EMDR, DBT, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Imago Couples Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and Motivational Interviewing.
  • Speakers Bureau: educational seminars and trainings on topics of interest in mental health areas such as depression, staff wellness/personal care, psychotropic medication, intellectual disabilities and effective supervision.
  • Community mental health screenings including depression in the teen and older adult population.
  • Representation at community informational events including Health Fairs, schools and other community organizations.

Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Group is a Counseling\Educational program for individuals who need help managing their anger constructively and handling conflict constructively.


  • Improve frustration tolerance
  • Handle anger constructively
  • Improve listening, assertiveness and negotiation skills


  1. Regular attendance
  2. Active participation including completion of homework
  3. Commitment to work on group goals


  • Voluntary or court-mandated
  • Not appropriate for domestic violence offenders


  • All sessions must be attended and all fees paid.


  • 8 weekly sessions
  • Psycho-educational co-ed group
  • For Adults 18 years and older


  • $60 Screening Fee
  • $25 Per group session
  • Insurance/Medicaid not accepted as this is an education program

Missed Appointments

Missed more than 1 week, must make up sessions to qualify for completion.