Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program

Some children and adolescents are having difficulty achieving their fullest potential in a public school setting due to a variety of reasons such as mental health concerns and the need for special education classification. These children would benefit from a program called, Day Treatment.

The Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program is a team of jointly staffed special education teachers and mental health professionals who provide an integrated treatment approach for children ages 5-18 within a classroom setting.

Services are provided at the BOCES campus in Auburn for pupils presenting with social and academic difficulties that prevent them from attending public school.

The Goal of Day Treatment

The Day Treatment program strives to offer a comprehensive and coordinated treatment program integrated with special educational services that support children and their families experiencing emotional or behavioral problems that interfere with their ability to function.

Treatment is designed to stabilize children’s mental health conditions while maintaining children within their families and communities and teaching them the skills necessary to return to public school.

The ultimate goal of Day Treatment is to provide children and their families with the academic, psychological, and social skills necessary to lead healthy, satisfying, and successful lives.

Services Provided

  • Master level therapists housed within the classroom
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Monthly family therapy
  • Daily group therapy
  • Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Social skills training
  • Crisis intervention
  • Parent education
  • Home visits
  • Medication consultation
  • Medication treatment
  • Case management
  • Speech, occupational, and physical therapy
  • Individualized academic lessons
  • Emergency on call hours

There are no direct fees to the client for the services provided.

For further information, please contact Nikola Wall, LMHC – Day Treatment Program Coordinator (315) 253-0361.