Children’s Area Resources and Enhanced Services (CARES)

CARES is a family, child, and youth program providing children and youth crisis services, devoted to coordinating and facilitating community resources and strategies through collaboration with families and service providers to promote the social, emotional, physical, and educational well-being of the child or youth.

Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative (CCSI)

  • Identifies family strengths
  • Family, school, community resources working together
  • Parent Partnering
  • Parent Support Group
  • Case Management

CCSI is an interagency initiative that supports localities in creating systems of care to ensure that children/youth that are at risk of out of home placement remain at home with their families and in their communities. The CCSI promotes a set of core principles at all levels of government, across a broad range of service agencies, and throughout the service planning and delivery process. These principles guide a process of cooperative interagency planning that develops and deivers individualized services to children and their families.

Crisis Respite & Children’s Crisis Services

Crisis intervention/assessment of any child or youth 5 to 17 years of age, including children/youth who are dually diagnosed, who present as at risk for harm to self or others, or who present with escalating behavioral and/or psychiatric symptoms. This program provides consultation to families, educators and other service providers as well as coordination of services and facilitation of referrals. Short-term case management is available to children and youth until the situation is stabilized and necessary counseling/support services are implemented.

Children’s Crisis Services also assists in the transition of a youth from a hospital or residential program. Services include initiating referrals and linking child and family to the necessary services to ensure a successful transition to the community.

Referrals are received from a range of social service and youth serving agencies, schools, a child’s family, law enforcement, hospitals, and residential facilities.

Discharge is based on the stability of the child and implementation of services as recommended by the initial assessment, for example, Crisis Respite, counseling, CCSI, Case Management.

Assessments can occur at Cayuga Counseling, schools, the family’s home, or other location if the youth cannot be brought to the clinic.

Parents As Partners

The objective of the Parent Partner program is to offer support and advocacy resources to parents. Parent partners are parents who have experienced emotional/behavioral problems with a child of their own. The first hand experience facilitates the trust and partnership with parents.

Clinical Case Management

Clinical case management is provided to children, parents, and individuals who are currently receiving mental health services at Cayuga Counseling Services. Therapists refer children, parents, and individuals for case management when they feel they need additional support outside of therapy. The clinical case managers follow a treatment plan developed by the child, parent, or individual and their therapist. The clinical case manager works from the goal plan with the client and assists them with linkage to other services needed, advocacy, and also monitors the client’s progress.

Home & Community Based Service Waiver

Cayuga Counseling has a contract with the Hillside Children’s Center to provide specific services to families participating in their Home & Community Based Service Waiver program. These services are:

  • Skillbuilding
  • Family Support
  • Family Support Group
  • Respite

Referrals come directly from Hillside Children’s Center. Skillbuilders work directly with the child on specific skills identified by the Hillside staff and the child’s parents. Family support staff work directly with the child’s parents and provides support and advocacy for the parents. A Family Support staff person facilitates the family support group, which is called the Cayuga Kick off and is usually held twice a month. Families who are currently enrolled with Hillside can participate in the group. Respite workers provide hourly respite to the children and also assist on recreation identification and implementation.

Runaway Homeless Youth Services

The RHY Committee’s mission is to, through coordination and collaboration, identify youth who are runaways, homeless or at risk of running away and homelessness; to provide interventions and services giving support and supervision, promote family stability and family reunification when in the best interest of the youth; to empower youth and help them toward eventual self-sufficiency.

The Cayuga County Runaway Homeless Youth Committee was formed in October 1998. The Committee is comprised of representatives from Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc., Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency, Cayuga County Mental Health Center, Department of Health and Human Services, Auburn Police Department, Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, Auburn Schools, Cayuga Onondaga BOCES, City of Auburn, Cayuga County Youth Bureau, NYS Office of Children and Family Services, area youth.

Runaway Homeless Youth Services are non-residential. Services include assessment and recommendation for services; family mediation, supportive case management; information and referral and community outreach. RHY services are available to youth from ages 12-21. Referrals can come from any source including, youth, family, friends, schools, hospital emergency room, youth programs within the county and law enforcement.

Clients are discharged when services are no longer needed.

There is no fee for these services.

If you are thinking of running away or are homeless, having trouble with your family or just need someone to talk to we can help you. We can help you find someone to talk with. Help you find a place to stay. Help you talk to your parents, if you want to.

Services Provided:

  • 24 Hour Crisis Accessibility
  • Crisis Assessment
  • Family Mediation
  • Supportive Case Management
  • Information and Referral
  • Outreach to Youth