The JOURNEY Program was established by Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc. to meet the needs of juvenile offenders and to provide support for their families in a community based clinic setting.

JOURNEY is an intensive program that is individualized to each participant.  JOURNEY components may consist of an initial assessment, individual, family and group therapy, family support and community supervision.

Program goals are to help youth understand and take responsibility for their actions, establish new coping skills, develop victim empathy, create a personalized safety plan for the future, and address their own trauma history.

What the JOURNEY Program means for families

The JOURNEY Program consists of community supervision, assessment, recommendations and treatment.

  • Families who commit to completing the assessment process must agree to all aspects of assessment which include supervision, establishing and following a safety plan and participating in the assessment process with a therapist.
  • After the assessment, it will be up to the family and their county worker or the judicial system to follow the recommendations of the assessment.


Referrals are received through Cayuga County Department of Health and Human Services, Cayuga County Family Court or Criminal Court.