Pre-trial Release

The Pre-Trial Release Program provides jailhouse interviews to determine eligibility for release consideration for unsentenced non-violent inmates.

Reports to the court and effects releases either on recognizance or under program supervision. Released unsentenced defendants will be supervised by program staff to insure future court appearances, as appropriate until their court cases have been completed.

The program seeks to reduce the discriminatory effect of cash bail by affording all eligible unsentenced, jailed defendants the opportunity for release.

Program Criteria

A program staff member will check with the Jail on a daily basis and go there to conduct interviews. An interview is conducted at the jail. This interview collects information pertaining to the defendant’s ties to the community. These ties include residence, employment or school history, medical and prior criminal history. For each of these areas the defendant earns points. They must reach a total of five points to be considered for release. The defendant must give at least three contacts who can verify information given.

The staff member will return to the office to perform telephone verification of contacts if five points have been reached. Once all the information has been verified a release recommendation is made to the appropriate court. This paperwork is either mailed or faxed to court.

If a defendant is released by the court, the release order is faxed to the jail by the Judge or court. The jail will notify program staff that a release has been received. Staff member will return to the jail and meet with defendant to explain any release conditions and have them sign a client agreement. The defendant receives a copy of this agreement and is given a time and day that they need to contact the program. The defendant maintains contact with the program until his or her court case is completed.


A defendant is discharged from the program when their court case has been completed or they fail to comply with release conditions or if they are re-arrested.

Hours, Location, Fees

The program operates Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is located at 17 E. Genesee Street, 4th Floor. There are no direct fees to the consumer for the Pre-Trial Release Program.


For further information, call the Pre-Trial Release Program Coordinator at 253-9795.