Services for the Dually Diagnosed

The mission is to serve the full range of needs of persons with Intellectual Disabilities by expanding the number of types of community based services and developing new methods of services delivery through comprehensive services with systems of care to children ages 5-18 and to provide the opportunity to attain the highest level of independence through an individualized service program specifically designed for that person. Services also available through CCSI, Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative and Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Resource Services.

Proposed Family-Based Treatment Model Serving MH/MR/DD Population:

Program Goals

  • To recruit and train a minimum of 6 families willing to work with this specialized population
  • To develop adequate referral criteria that identifies children most likely to benefit from a family based therapeutic intervention
  • To coordinate, and where necessary, provide services and treatment that meets the unusual specific needs of the child and also train and educate their parents/guardians with specific strategies that will enable them to provide a safe and healthy home environment and to organize and deliver services that will maintain a child in their home after discharge
  • To identify those children/young adults that will transition from the program to independent living and organize and deliver supportive services that assist that meets their needs, helping them be an integrated, productive member of the community
  • To reduce disruptions by providing a menu of quality, comprehensive, clinical services that are not crisis driven and to offer insight into behaviors and develop effective and meaningful strategies that achieve positive outcomes.

Program Design

Two FTE Family Specialists experienced with dual diagnosed children will work with the four children in our care. They will provide support to the Professional Parents, child and parents/caretakers and will be supervised by an MSW Program Director and will also coordinate adherence to the Treatment and Behavior Plans so that services are consistent.

All children and families will receive Mental Health and MR/DD services through providers of their choice or through Cayuga Counseling Clinic Services, which presently treats a number of these special needs clients. The decision on what providers to integrate into treatment will be based on the child and family’s choice and comfort level. Existing relationships will not be disturbed.

Regular treatment planning meetings will bring all providers together on a regular basis to discuss treatment, gauge progress and make decisions regarding length of stay as well as discharge planning.